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She’s Never Coming Back

Staz Lindes and Nola Palmer by Will Davidson for Russh October/November 2014

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"Grand Entrance", Natalia Vodianova in Oscar de la Renta Resort 2015 for Vogue November 2014, photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

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Elizabeth Taylor, aged 23, on the set of “Giant” in 1955 (photographed by Peter Basch)

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Marlene Dietrich | Dishonored; 1931.

"I am not afraid of life - although i’m not afraid of death either." 

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Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954)

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"You must forgive the fact that I make quick decisions. I believe they are the only true and instinctively correct way for people such as I am to express their feelings. Because I have had a day almost entirely on my own – in bed – and able to think without interruption of our whole situation I have come to the conclusion — (a fearfully painful one) that a clean and absolute break is the only path to follow. So I intend to divorce you on the grounds of desertion–mental and physical – as soon as our present chores in the theatre and television are over – we are in any case separated. I did not want to do this until you had finished your work here but our telephone conversation tonight led me to think I was talking to a compete stranger – which is what you have chosen to become… Our lives will lie in quite different directions. I feel confident I should make my own life – and you have always made yours."

November 1958, Vivien Leigh wrote to Laurence Olivier, finally agreeing to divorce him (via viviling)
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Janice Dickinson Vogue, January 1976

Photo: Mike Reinhardt

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